Pyrophyllite in Refractory products


Pyrophyllite is gaining recognition as a useful refractory raw material. While latest technologies allow for effective calcination of pyrophyllite into mullite, as well-established refractory raw material, in certain types of refractories, no calcination is required.

It imparts crucial properties to the refractory product as it has low thermal conductivity, coefficient of expansion, hot load deformation, excellent reheat stability, corrosion resistance and low heating shrinkage.

Refractory grade pyrophyllite requires iron content of less than 1% and an absence of coarse quartz grains in the pyrophyllite ore. Fire resistance should exceed SK-30, and permanent expansion and good compaction on firing are necessary.

AnandTalc offers pyrophyllite which exhibits good purity and is perfectly suited in mineralogical composition as well as thermal behavior for refractory purposes.

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