Dolomite in Paint

Dolomite is an important mineral filler for paint manufacture. It imparts several benefits to the paint.

  1. Dolomite is a hard mineral. Thus, it imparts scrub resistance to the paint. Moreover, it offers tremendous durability to the paint film against weathering.
  2. Dolomite has high whiteness, and thus interferes minimally with the paint color, leading to intense, opaque, accurate shades.
  3. Dolomite powder is highly dispersible and doesn’t clump together. This ensures homogeneous filler distribution in the paint which is important for uniform consistency in the paint.
  4. Dolomite has low oil absorption.
  5. Dolomite is a cost effective filler providing substantial cost benefits compared to other fillers For application in paint, dolomite must be very pure and in particular devoid of the color imparting impurities such as oxides of iron, chromium, manganese etc.

Anand Talc can offer the ideal composition of dolomite for the paint industry. Its whiteness is extremely high and it has low oil absorption and low VOC content. We have been supplying to the paint industry for many years now and our product has good acceptance in the industry.

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