Calcite in Paint

Calcite powder is often used as filler in the manufacture of paints, particularly water based paints like distemper.

  • It provides greater covering strength with minimum dripping on the surfaces.
  • It has high whiteness which avoids interference with the paint’s colour and contributes to their opacity.
  • It is low in cost and further reduces cost of paint manufacture as its high whiteness decreases the requirement of the white pigment titanium dioxide.
  • It is also used as an extender in paints.
  • It is also very useful in powder coatings particularly due to its high dispersibility.
Anand Talc is able to supply calcite powder of very high whiteness. Our calcite imparts excellent hiding properties to the paint. It is very pure containing minimum iron oxide, which would otherwise impart an unattractive hue to the paint. Our calcite disperses well in water and has very low oil absorption. We are also able to offer calcite of different grades so as to optimally suit the customer’s budget.
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